Tuesday, November 19, 2013

First Day! Water Truck in Cite Soleil

Oftentimes there are moments in life that cannot be described in words, captured in pictures, or conveyed through story. Already on the first day of Healing Haiti we can see that this is one of those moments. It truly rings true that experience is the best teacher.

Today our group did the water truck in Cite Soleil and we all had so many different emotions. Some of us were frustrated, confused, joyful, inspired, at peace, overjoyed with love... But without question the experience brought the group even closer together. We gave them water and they gave us something even more. We they gave us love. Today I was so surrounded with love. After the last water truck stop I had received so much love that it was filling me up to my brim. I was overflowing with love and felt so much that I couldn't contain it and I feel I have even more to give, thanks to the Haitians we met today.  It is only the first day but we are all so excited to see what the rest of the week God has in store for us.

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