Wednesday, August 27, 2014


We would like to introduce you to the missionaries that will be serving in Haiti on our trip leaving October 20, 2014.  We hope that as you read a small bio about each of us this will provide insight into who we are and how we have felt called to serve in Haiti. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Water Truck Day 3/27/14

Coming to Haiti I had only one expectation.  Every other experience has been completely unexpected and not anticipated.  Being in Haiti and serving along side my team has been a day by day, moment by moment soaking in of what God had planned for the day. 

My one expectation happened at the end of the day as we visited the Haitian Initiative, an organization Nate and I have supported over the last year or so.  It was amazing to set foot on a soccer field not only outside of the US, but on one that we have been involved with.  The biggest moment for me didn't happen on the field during our game, Healing Haiti vs Haitian Initiative (where they creamed us 5-0), but on what happened after the game.  We were led into a large concrete building where, we as a team, had the privilege of handing out meals to the players, provided for by Feed My Starving Children (FMSC).  So many times, back home, we have had the opportunity to pack meals for FMSC, but this is a first for me and so many of my teammates, to see exactly where the meals go.  This has so far been one of the most moving parts of the trip for me.  This is the only meal most of these young boys will have today.

The needs in Haiti are great, from food to water you name it.  This morning we were blessed with the opportunity to deliver water to three very different neighborhoods is Cite Soliel, the poorest city in the Western Hemisphere, if not the World.  As we park our Tap Tap the children of the neighborhood come running up to us asking us to hold them.  How often in America does a little child ask you to hold them?  And would you?  Probably not for fear of what their mother would do, right?  Not so here in Haiti.  If we were not manning the water hose or filling up buckets, we had children hanging on us.  My most memorable part of the day was when I unknowing picked up two little girls that happened to be twins.  One was fully clothed and one was completely naked, which is very common here in Haiti.  So many children and adults, but mainly children, running around with little or no clothing, unashamed, wanting our love and attention, while completely filling up our love tanks to the brim.

One of the most striking things to me is how we see them is different than how they see themselves.  They do not know any different.  This is their life, they have known no other.  They do not understand the yellow brick road, land of the plenty, freedom opportunity that we do in America.  Yes there is a longing and a need for more as many go hungry and thirsty, but many don't even realize that they may actually be the community that suffers the most in this World.  And even in their suffering they are just like you and I.  There is no we and they, but an us.  I have experienced many moments this week that have shown me how much alike we are.  It doesn't matter how much money and resources you have, what matters is your heart. 

The best thing I've seen us, as a team, do in Haiti is to reach outside of our comfort zone, meet each person where they are at and love on them, proving what they need in this moment of time; physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Trusting God in the Unexpected

Trusting God..........Have you ever wrestled with trusting God? How about trusting God in the UNEXPECTED? Do you even think about it. I have.  This week down here in Haiti is my third trip and every trip has been different for many reasons.  Every time going on a mission trip I have had to TRUST God! Trust him for protection, safety, and for watching my children while I'm away. But these are normal things I trust God for daily. What about the times we don't even think about.

My favorite old testament bible story is found in Joshua 3. It tells about how God showed up in a shocking and breathtaking way.  The leader of the Israelites, Joshua, was given directions from the Lord to consecrate yourselves, which means get rid of your sins, for tomorrow He will do amazing things among you. The Lord was going to lead the whole nation across the Jordan River. And get this, the Jordan was at flood stage.  The waters were high and the current was strong! A very scary place to be.  But the next day as the Israelites approached the Jordan the priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant TRUSTED GOD in an UNEXPECTED way.  "AS SOON AS" (Joshua 3:15) the priests feet touched the waters edge, the water upstream stopped flowing. It piled up in a heap a great distance away.  And the Israelites were able to cross safely.  The key words I love here are "AS SOON AS".

Today's experience in Haiti had lots of opportunities to TRUST God in the UNEXPECTED.  Alot of our team members had to put their Trust in God in situations we have never been in or may never be in again.  We visited Carrefour, which is a place where we were able to bring comfort and temporary healing to those who may or may not get physically healed.  The women were able to care for the women by painting their nails, rubbing lotion on their bodies, and giving massages.  For some this was a step out of their comfort zone. Trusting God for His strength to get through.  The men also were needing God's strength while bringing comfort to the adult men at Carrefour.  There the men were able to rub lotion over the men's sores. Some of the men were very sensitive to our touch and just needed that gentle touch.  An opportunity for us all to Trust God.

My hope and prayer for you today is that no matter where you are at or what you are going through that you can have the faith to trust God in all areas of your life and take that first Step! The same step that the priests took thousands of years ago. And believe that when you do God will step in and take over and work miracles in your life!

May God bless you all,

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Humble Servants 3/25/14

The first day on the mission field is the most exciting and anxious you can feel during the week.  Waking up I had no idea what to expect, but to let Jesus bring peace and just keep it Holy.  I figured the least I could do was be willing to serve and see what God does to change things.  The breakfast was amazing as we have the most incredible staff cooking for us.  The layout and options of food were excellent.  They cook for a vegan, a gluten resistant, and traditional food all in the same meal twice a day.  These Haitians are bombastic servants with nothing but smiles to offer.  Thank God for joy and lovers.

We started the day with a stop at the home for sick and dying children.  Upon arrival I could see & feel the burden of the families in distress.  I could see the longing in the parents faces knowing they can only see their children a couple hours a day before entrusting their child's care to the talented and anointed staff.  The oppression was real and it was thick in the atmosphere, and it became really clear to me how important it is for these teams to continue to be consistent with visits twice a week to encourage these families and children.  They need the love of Jesus and the power of Holy Spirit to conquer hopelessness with fulfillment and purpose.  The harvest field was so close and evident and I was encouraged to be a part of that situation.  

We had a chance to not only hold the children and play with them, but to help feed them.  The food they ate was a bean sauce (protein), rice (carbs), light cooked veggies (potatoes and carrots), and chicken (depending on the age).  My baby never ate food like these kids.  I couldn't move the spoon fast enough for this precious little two year old.  She almost swallowed the spoon, she was lapping so fast.  The hardest part was the "orevwa" and listening to the children call out for our attention.  Being there serves a great purpose even if the work feels insignificant at times.

Next we made our way to the "Apparent Project".  This is a market place thought up to put over 200 Haitians in a paid position to take care of their families.  The pay is above average and the work is not laborious, just long and tedious.  We had a nice tour and they looked happy with their friends while on the job.  They make beautiful jewelry out of cardboard and glass displays from recycled bottles.  The whole concept is truly something to witness, and I couldn't have pictured a more perfect way to ease some suffering.

I had a chance to talk with a few of the men that worked there, and they are completely satisfied with the job.  It's a good job to have in the city.  The story was the same with many of them, since the ones I talked with spent time in the states and the learned English well.  They went to high school and were deported afterwards when they tried to land a working position or apply to school.  The paperwork was not correct, and they had to come back to Haiti.  They all have kids now, and they can't afford the time to come back to the states unless they have a guaranteed job and money to take care of their families.  The wives don't work in these situations, and the children are very young (infants).  The story seems hopeless, but thank God for a business willing to set up in this economy and find an avenue for success.  Pray for more to come and help rebuild a desperate culture.

Finally, we made a stop at Juno's orphanage.  This man has a great story to share and I was so blessed to have had an interpreter to interview him.  He has 16 orphans under his care now.  He has split the building in half with women and men's bedrooms on one half, and the schools rooms (three in all) spread around the front and side of the building.  He has two teachers and himself that have taken the time to work with these children to make sure they are not illiterate.  Juno found these children on the streets in his village with dead parents or abandoned at birth.  His heart was moved by Jesus to fill the void with friendship and give these children a chance to have careers when they graduate school.  He also teaches them about Jesus, and the power of the resurrection.

We took two hours to play with the children, bringing coloring packs, paper airplanes, frisbees, soccer balls, jump ropes, and snacks.  We had a squad rush the top top (our vehicle) as soon as pulled into the parking spot.  They couldn't wait to play and again the anticipation of our arrival so evident on their faces.  They desire friendship outside of their little home.  I doubt they get out much since they are home schooled and have no families to turn too.  The reality set in when I found out from Juno that the only food that comes to them is from the Healing Haiti Manna Packs.  These children eat once a day or every other day to conserve food between deliveries.  Thank you for participating in this journey to be their supply chain that literally saves their lives every day.  Your partnership matters and they love you.  I have the pictures of the drawings to prove it.  :) 

My time with this MN family so far has been quite an experience.  This is a family of servants like no other.  The selflessness I've seen exhibited on this day alone draws tears of joy from our God.  I know because a love God finds worthy is taking care of orphans and widows.  This life seems so useless and purposeless if love is not at the center of everything.  I'm encouraged by the love of God in Haiti and even more so by this teams willingness to concede to God's will so that love can abide over hopelessness.  Blessings to you all!!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

New team traveling to Haiti March 24, 2014

God has blessed us with another awesome and amazing group of missionaries traveling to Haiti to serve our brothers and sisters.  They are stepping out in faith as God has called them to do to be His hands and feet to the least of these.  What an honor and a privilege to serve in this way!  Please lift up our team members in prayer as we prepare our hearts and minds for our week in Haiti:


Four weeks until Haiti!!