Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 3 - Overflowing Heart

No matter how many times I come to Haiti, the appreciation of experiencing the impact of Haiti on my teammates for their first times absolutely floods my heart. Discussing our experiences at the end of each day is always so insightful and full of meaning. There is no doubt the Lord moves mightily in our hearts here in this third world country. Sharing both tears and laughter with our team and with the Haitians is nothing short of a precious gift from God... Oh how I wish everyone could experience what we do here! God gives us so much when we share in the lives of those who have much less.

What an amazing team we have. To be on a mission trip with children on our team is something brand new for me, but even more so with my own daughter! Faith, Abby, Lily, Brooklyn and Danielle are sharing in something most kids their age will never experience. And to see the love pour out of them on to the least of these leaves us parents and adults beaming with smiles of joy. I can only imagine what this trip will do for their (and our) futures...

Today we got to tour Grace Village and visit with the orphans there after an attempt to visit the kids at Isaiah's orphanage. Unfortunately the kids were not around at Isaiah's, but God used our time to spend at Grace village and then enjoy a few hours at one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever been to: Wahoo Beach. Interacting with vendors and other Haitians there was a joy in itself. We talked with some other missionaries there and were lifted up by one another. We were able to share in worship with the other Healing Haiti team tonight, thanks to the amazing talent of Jeff Gjerde and his guitar! And of course Fanfan always lifts everyone up in the Spirit whenever he is present. Outstanding!

Ending the night with some devotions, word of the day, and of course a good ole fashion interacting game of Mafia leaves us all filled with tears, joy and laughter. Sometimes I wonder how my heart can contain so much living water... and then I remember, IT CAN'T. But an "overflowing heart" beats anything the world has to offer! Love this team!

Dave Kjonaas

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 2- Haiti- August 8th 2013

   Day 2 
August 8th

Made by the awesomest people in the group!... Faith and Brooklyn

  Today we woke up at about 5:15am and we got ready, we were all very tired. After we got ready, all of us got in the top-top and traveled to a big church about 10 minutes away. All of our hearts were touched by the singing and the people shaking our hands and dancing even though most of us didn't understand them. After church, we got back in the top-top and went back to our colorful house ;) For breakfast, we had oatmeal, Nutella, pancakes, peanut butter, pineapple juice, and fruit.
  Next, all of us went in the top-top and had a "cray cray" drive to the water trucks. :) When everyone was going to the bathroom, this little 8 year old girl came up to Lily and hugged her. We danced and played with her until we had to go to our first water truck stop.
 The first stop had the most kids and babies. All of us younger girls didn't know what to do. We also met some of the boys that play on the Haiti soccer team. Us girls had had our nails painted and everyone loved it.
  The second stop was very different from the first. Out of all three of the stops that we made, the second one was the most devastating. It was in the poorest part of the poorest city in the world. All of the kids swarmed us, they were all just to get our attention. Some of us started playing ring-around-the-Rosie with the kids, they didn't know when to fall down so they just fell whenever they wanted to, it was still so much fun.
  The third stop had the least amount of people (probably because it was a surprise stop). In this stop the kids were really happy and energetic, its surprised all of us younger girls that they could be so happy when they had so little.
  In all the stops the kids were either trying to give us something of theirs or asking for for something.
  In the second stop I had a boy ask me for my shoes, 10 minutes later a couple of boys came up to us and gave rings to me and Brooklyn.
   Right when we got back we changed and jumped in the pool, we swam for at least 2 hours. After swimming we had taco night..... It was really good. We just got back from playing with the guard dogs and their puppy and now we are blogging. After this we are going to sing songs outside. Today was a good day overall and we are blessed to be here. :)

~ Faith and Brooklyn Orevwa!    ( orevwa = goodbye)

Day 1- August 7th 2013- Arrival to Haiti - Overwhelming

What an amazing first day!  Started very early with a ride to the airport at 2:15am!  Flight took off at 6:25am to Miami and then from Miami to Haiti.  We arrived in Haiti a little after 4:00pm and arrived at Guest House 2 around 5:30pm.  What a blessing to be here and to be in this amazing place.  Word of the day for me at the end after getting to Haiti and seeing everything for the first time myself was Overwhelming.  I cannot believe we are actually here now and that tomorrow we get to start being a blessing to others by helping bring water to those in need.  Our team is absolutely amazing and we are already getting to know each other so well and having so much fun bonding!  God is so great!  We are all tired after our early rising this morning and long day of travel.  We will write more tomorrow after a day of doing God's great work!

Ke Bondye Beni' Ou
~Kim Flemino