Thursday, November 21, 2013

November 21st
   Today started earlier than the rest. The coffee provided enough energy to get moving but the real energy came when we got to tent church. It was defiantly inspirational and moving, most of us agreed if we started our days out like this everyday life would be so different!
   After church we all went to Grace Village for a tour, which brought such a sense of hope to all of us.  God is hear and he is moving mountains! The clinic is up and running, the houses are being built and the church is definitely underway, God is definitely working at Grace Village.  To see the kids and the progress brings such a sense of hope after seeing so much devastation within Haiti. The kids were all in their school uniforms and seemed so happy.
   After the tour at Grace Village we decided to "treat" the long term missionaries and bring them to Wahoo Bay to swim.  When you think of Haiti you do not think about gorgeous beaches and crystal clear water, so it was nice to see another side of Haiti.  Which also brings us back to the word hope, hope that the rest of Haiti will someday became as beautiful as Wahoo Bay.
   Each day has brought a new and different experience and in every experience there is a new way for God to use us!  We are his hands and feet, and it is such  privilege to be used in this way.  

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

First Day! Water Truck in Cite Soleil

Oftentimes there are moments in life that cannot be described in words, captured in pictures, or conveyed through story. Already on the first day of Healing Haiti we can see that this is one of those moments. It truly rings true that experience is the best teacher.

Today our group did the water truck in Cite Soleil and we all had so many different emotions. Some of us were frustrated, confused, joyful, inspired, at peace, overjoyed with love... But without question the experience brought the group even closer together. We gave them water and they gave us something even more. We they gave us love. Today I was so surrounded with love. After the last water truck stop I had received so much love that it was filling me up to my brim. I was overflowing with love and felt so much that I couldn't contain it and I feel I have even more to give, thanks to the Haitians we met today.  It is only the first day but we are all so excited to see what the rest of the week God has in store for us.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Our serving adventure beings in Haiti

Our team has been meeting and emailing and sharing over the past 3 months.  We are now leaving early on Monday morning to step out in faith to God's calling us to serve our brothers and sisters in Haiti.  Each one of us has a different story that has brought us to this place, and as we share our time, our stories, and our spiritual gifts, God will be writing our love story -- our story of sharing His love with people we do not know or may never see again - but we go where He calls us - stepping out in faith - focusing on being His hands and feet!

We invite you on our journey that we want to share with you!