Thursday, November 21, 2013

November 21st
   Today started earlier than the rest. The coffee provided enough energy to get moving but the real energy came when we got to tent church. It was defiantly inspirational and moving, most of us agreed if we started our days out like this everyday life would be so different!
   After church we all went to Grace Village for a tour, which brought such a sense of hope to all of us.  God is hear and he is moving mountains! The clinic is up and running, the houses are being built and the church is definitely underway, God is definitely working at Grace Village.  To see the kids and the progress brings such a sense of hope after seeing so much devastation within Haiti. The kids were all in their school uniforms and seemed so happy.
   After the tour at Grace Village we decided to "treat" the long term missionaries and bring them to Wahoo Bay to swim.  When you think of Haiti you do not think about gorgeous beaches and crystal clear water, so it was nice to see another side of Haiti.  Which also brings us back to the word hope, hope that the rest of Haiti will someday became as beautiful as Wahoo Bay.
   Each day has brought a new and different experience and in every experience there is a new way for God to use us!  We are his hands and feet, and it is such  privilege to be used in this way.  

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